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Punta Sur Cliff

Ponder to free your spirit!

Punta Sur has 3 main attractions:

Touring the South Point

Punta Sur is located at the southern tip of Isla Mujeres, 20 meters above sea level, where the rising sun first touches Mexican soil. This is the highest elevation in the Yucatan and home to an ancient temple honoring the Mayan Moon Goddess. Visitors can access Punta Sur through Garrafon Reef Park and look out from its steep, naturally carved cliffs toward awesome views of Cancun and the bay. This is a must-see spot for people interested in picturesque landscapes, Mayan architecture, and unique cliff formations.

Sculpture Park

Picture an outdoor art exhibit in one of the most breathtaking, tropical settings. Garrafón Reef Park is home to the Punta Sur Sculpture Garden. The Sebastian Foundation, along with 23 artists from Mexico and around the world, created this exhibit for Isla Mujeres in 2001. Famous sculptors such as Jose Luis Cuevas used modern shapes and bright hues to interpret the legendary spirit of the Mayan civilization. A great spot for those who crave culture and creativity.

Mayan Temple to Ixchel

In the Mayan culture, Ixchel is the Goddess of the Moon. Known as the wife of the Sun, she is also considered a fertility goddess with great healing powers. On Isla Mujeres (the Isle of Women), you can tour one of the Mayan temples devoted to Ixchel. Even though time and weather have impacted the temple, it remains a fascinating example of Pre-Columbian structures.

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