Garrafon Natural Reef Park Activities

Swim with dolphins

Improve your holiday experience by swimming with these adorable marine mammals. Live the experience of a lifetime.

Zip Line

Feel the freedom of flying above this paradisiac island and discover its charm from the heights.

Bicycle Tour

Ride your own bike through the island with the sea on one side and the lush vegetation of Isla Mujeres jungle on the other side.


You will have an underwater hole new world to discover, full of various animal especies and bright colors. Dive in and be part of this amazing world!

Swimming pool

Take a freshing water break and enjoy the best views to the crystalline water sea and the Bay of Cancun.

Hammocks and Lounge chairs

Relish the moment and enjoy the relaxing atmosphere at the Mexican Caribbean style.


Discover the surroundings in the quietness of the kayak. This great kind of quiet sailing will allow you to discover another side of the reef you haven't noticed before.

Punta Sur Cliff

Punta Sur, is the highest elevation in Yucatan Peninsula. It is surounded by landscapes of cliffs and endless ocean views, an ancient Mayan temple and a Sculpture garden.

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