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Zip Line in Isla Mujeres

The zip line in Isla Mujeres consists of the union of two points that take you from one place to another, supported by stainless steel cables and the appropriate equipment. At Garrafon Park, the zip line is an experience full of adrenaline while you enjoy the view of the Caribbean Sea with inexplicable shades of blue. In addition, the adventure consists of a tour of 3 towers with a height of 30m above sea level, which ultimately connect you to other activities in Cancun Isla Mujeres within the same park so that you can take advantage of the time and fun.

Do I need special clothing?

The only thing you need to make your zip line experience fun is to listen to the instructions of our experts, do not take off your safety equipment such as a helmet or harness, and wear well-fitting shoes.

Now you know what a zip line in Cancun Isla Mujeres experience is about, where everyone from 13 years of age can participate. Look at our packages so you can continue with the adrenaline on your trip.

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