Temazcal Ceremony in Cancun

This experience of taking the temazcal ceremony is healing, physical and mental. It has the purpose of sharing with you one of the essential pre-Hispanic activities of our ancestors, where everyone who practiced it focused their energy to heal through sweat and the concentration of their breath.

What is a Temazcal?

There are many activities in Cancun, but this one brings you even closer to the roots of Mexican culture. The temazcal ceremony has natural medicinal purposes based on plants such as eucalyptus, pirul, rosemary, walnut, and pericon, among others. The herbs are submerged in water to empty the concentrate into the burning volcanic stones, which are located in the center of the dome-shaped structure, which represents the womb; the master drains the water from the plants onto the rocks, generating a steam effect to begin the healing work.

Each person has a different purpose, so it is an individual work always in gratitude to the four elements of nature that are:

  • Fire: Represents Energy, Force, and Will.
  • Earth: Represents Firmness, Stability, and Security.
  • Air: Represents Freedom, Detachment, and Change.
  • Water: Represents Adaptation, Fluidity, and Focus.

At the end of the temazcal ceremony, you will probably feel hungry, and you can enjoy a delicious buffet included in all the packages that are in Garrafon Park Isla Mujeres.

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